If you would like to assist us in helping to identify the nameless, please contribute.

DNA Testing Program:

This program will focus on buying Ancestry kits for individuals who want their DNA in GEDmatch but can’t afford to purchase own their own. These individuals want to help identify who these unknown victims are but aren’t as fortunate. All help is needed and appreciated.

  1. Provide DNA Kit
  2. Mail
  3. Upon receiving the results place in GEDmatch for Identification purposes only.
  4. Outreach

Future Productions:

This fund will go towards future projects in film. Producing documentaries can be costly and time consuming. The more funds that are raise the larger our reach could be in producing documentaries. All help is needed and appreciated.

  1. Equipment expenses
  2. Travel
  3. Interviews
  4. Venues
  5. Crew

*Donations over $10,000 will receive a Producer credit in a future project for which the funds will be used.